Music Video by Zeesy Powers and Participants

08January . 2017
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In September and October 2016, participants collaborated with Guest Artist Zeesy Powers to create a music video for their composition with Guest Artist Lydia Ainsworth, “Watching the Clouds Go By.”

Zeesy and videographer Yuula Benivolski filmed participants using a green screen, and participants created artwork for the movie. Zeesy then animated their artwork alongside the video footage of their performances.

This music video is the culmination of three guest artist projects. In January 2015 participants worked with Guest Poet charles c. smith and composed poetry. In December 2015, participants worked with Guest Composer Lydia Ainsworth and collaboratively composed songs, using their poetry for the lyrics. Lydia then arranged their compositions and poetry into one work, “Watching the Clouds Go By.” Lydia and participants recorded “Watching the Clouds Go By” in August 2016.

Thank you Zeesy for your incredibly inspiring music video creation workshops! To learn more about Zeesy Powers, visit

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