Recordings of Axis Music Participants’ Compositions and Performances


Collaborative Composition with Lydia Ainsworth 

In December 2015, guest artist Lydia Ainsworth facilitated song-writing workshops where participants and Lydia collaboratively composed songs. Lydia then arranged their compositions into one work, Watching the Clouds Go By. Participants recorded this work with Lydia in August 2016.


Collaborative Compositions with Hilario Duran

We were honoured to have Cuban pianist and composer Hilario Duran facilitate three Guest Artist Workshops at Axis Music. During these workshops, participants learned about Cuban rhythm, percussion, melody, and music history. Participants collaboratively composed two melodies. Hilario then arranged these melodies for solo piano using Cuban rhythmic figures and harmonies. Hilario premiered these works at the Gordonridge Community Centre on October 28, 2013.


Farmer’s Market

Recorded by: Axis Music Participants (violin, cello, piano, voice), February 2012

Mixed by: Lydia Ainsworth, February 2012


I Love You

Composed by: Hannah, age 9, March 2012

Live Performance at the Gordonridge Community Centre, April 2012


Tameila’s Song

Composed by: Tameila, age 12, July 2011

Recorded by: Tameila (cello) & Judith (cello), July 2011


Our Heart Beatz

Composed by: Monidipa, age 11, June 2011

Recorded by: Axis Music Participants (voice)


Gordonridge Music Adventure

Recorded by: Angel (improvised vocal line), Tameila & Robsan (cellos), Monidipa (piano), July 2011

Cello & Piano Parts Composed by: Glenda del Monte Escalante