As a single father of two living in low income housing, I would not be able to afford such luxury as giving my children music lessons that they so desire and appreciate. This was a wonderful opportunity for the community on a whole. I am hoping that we can hold on to this program as long as possible.

– Leon Carpenter, father of Axis Music participants

Music makes good feelings. Your hands exercise because when you play piano your bones and muscles are working to make music.

– Jadon, age 7 (piano)

I practice because I want to be the best musician ever when I grow up, or when I’m little. I play violin because I like to perform and I want¬†people to say ‘hey, this girl is only little to play that good’. Music inspires me to not give up, because I know I can get better.

– Kayla, age 9 (violin), FEATURED in right photo, below

Even though we don’t have an extravagant life, I am very happy for my children. These kind, patient, unique, gifted, understanding and talented teachers in my children’s lives is an amazing gift. These teachers set a strong example for the children. Having this music in our community is a dream come true. If I didn’t get this chance in our community, my children would not have the chance to learn music. Because of the music, I am not going to move from Gordonridge.

– Zufan Keleta, mother of Axis Music participants