Axis Minuet: A Percussion and Dance Guest Artist Project, 2017/2018

On December 6, 2018, we were excited to hold the World Premiere of “Axis Minuet”, a dance and percussion work collaboratively created by participants and guest artists Adam Campbell (percussionist) and Kevin Ormsby (dancer).

Over a series of eight workshops in 2017/2018, participants and Adam and Kevin explored the interconnectedness of percussion, rhythm and movement. They collaboratively created Axis Minuet, which is based on the melodies and rhythms of J.S. Bach’s “Minuet in G”. The work includes four sections: (i) Minuet in G performed by participants; (ii) a “soundscape” created by rhythmic and melodic motifs from Minuet in G; (iii) a percussion section; and (iv) an arrangement of the Minuet in G theme.

Music Video with Guest Artist Zeesy Powers, Fall 2016

In September and October 2016, participants collaborated with Guest Artist Zeesy Powers and created a music video for their composition with Guest Artist Lydia Ainsworth, “Watching the Clouds Go By.” Zeesy and videographer Yuula Benivolski filmed participants using a green screen, and participants created artwork for the movie. Zeesy then animated their artwork alongside the video footage of their performances.

This music video is the culmination of three guest artist projects. In January 2015 participants worked with Guest Poet charles c. smith and composed poetry. In December 2015, participants worked with Guest Composer Lydia Ainsworth and collaboratively composed songs, using their poetry for the lyrics. Lydia then arranged their compositions and poetry into one work, “Watching the Clouds Go By.” Lydia and participants recorded “Watching the Clouds Go By” in August 2016.

Axis Music Poetry Reading with Guest Artists charles c. smith (poet) and Walter Maclean (percussionist), January 2015

Axis Music participant Christopher reads his poem Again at our Axis Music Poetry Reading with guest artists charles c. smith (poet) and Walter Maclean (percussionist).

Axis Music at the Academy Concert Series, May 2014

Participants performed Handel’s Ombra mai fù (from Serse) on May 10th at the Academy Concert Series in Toronto.

Axis Music 2013

This video is a brief overview of some activities held at Axis Music and compositions by participants.

Axis Dreams

In November 2012, participants collaboratively composed “Axis Dreams” with Guest Artist Kevin Lau, Toronto Symphony Orchestra Affiliate Composer. The work, written for solo violin, was dedicated to and premiered by Jonathan Crow, Concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. This is video of the musical storybook created. Each section of the work was composed by a participant. Participants used photos and pictures to inspire their writing.

Summertime at Gordonridge – Behind the Scenes

In July 2011, Guest Artist Cinematographer Ben Lichty and Guest Artist Film Composer Lydia Ainsworth facilitated workshops with Axis Music participants.

With the guidance of these Guest Artists, Axis Music participants created, acted, filmed, and composed and recorded the music in this film. Here is a video highlighting the music included in the film.


Summertime at Gordonridge

An Axis Music Production

This is the film produced collaboratively by participants and Guest Artists Cinematographer Ben Lichty and Film Score Composer Lydia Ainsworth in July 2011.